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Tabs -The Ballad Of Chasey Lain ( Acoustic Jazz Cover )

One of my favourite pop-punk songs of the late 90’s by the Bloodhound Gang.

I have been playing this simple song for quite a while but never paid too much attention to it. One day I accidentally played a seventh chord instead of the first power chord. It gave the song a different flair which I found worth considering. I extend all chords by thirds and seventh and played them with a swinging rhythm. Further I adjusted parts of the vocals.


Walking bass

Lately I picked up on my ideas again. I had learned some new stuff about jazz chords and harmony so I tried to put that into my cover. One of the things I learned was the smooth flowing walking bass mixed up with brief h chords. The basic idea is to play a chord on the first count and three notes on count 2,3 and 4 that connect the chord to the next one. As you can see in the examples there are several possibilities to place the chords.

The connecting quarter notes are largely notes of the chords scale. You can also use the chromatic scale to “walk”. If you play a semitone above or under the next chord root you add extra tension. Just try it out. In this way another jazzy thing to do is to play a chord a half note higher or lower before you play the actual chord. Rhythmically, play the walking bass in eighth note shuffle. It actually doesn’t influence the quarter notes directly but still tell how they should feel like. In general the notes are attacked with a downstroke. Another style element is to shortly play an empty string with an upstroke before you play a note (see example).


This was my small introduction to walking bass for guitar. Hope you liked it and the funny video I made with the outstanding exact mouth to text movement. I am inconsolable but I have to tell you that now as I am writing this sentence already ate two of the four bananas. They were delicious.

Download the Tabs here:

download tab (pdf)

download midi

Have fun,




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