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Tabs – A New Hope by Blink 182 ( Acoustic )

Published on January 25, 2011 by

I was a huge fan of Blink 182 in my teens. Not only of the music but also the way of life and humor they had motivated me to make music. To be honest, I actually picked up my guitar after a two-year break to play along with a Blink song. I figured out how to play their songs pretty quick, because they are easy as hell. But that wasn’t too important to me then. It was the sound of the music and the stupid humor that counted. I went to their concerts in Germany, bought all their records and learned their riffs.

The most valuable thing that I gained in that period was the inner feeling that I created which motivated me to keep on playing guitar, to start a band and to make this cover song. Everytime I watched a Blink DVD I switched into that resourcefull state. Then, I couldn’t hesitate to write a new song or practise guitar to become a better player and to live a life of a rock star. The good thing is I still have that feeling and it keeps me driving. What is different now is that I am more aware of that state and how I can intentionally switch into it to motivate myself. Nowadays my goal has changed but my drive stayed the same.

A New Hope is a song on the album dude ranch from 1997. Mark wrote this song cause he is a Star Wars fan. I covered this song cause I liked it. Not much more to say about it. Tribute to Blink 182.



You can find the tabs here:

Download Tabs (GP4)

Download Tabs (PDF)

Download Midi
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