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Tabs – The Leaving Song ( Part 1 ) by AFI

Published on January 24, 2011 by

The Leaving Song is a cover I uploaded in 2006. I didn’t want to show my face at that time, everything was pretty new for me then. As you can see in my later videos, I changed my opinion on showing once face in youtube videos.


This video has the most views of my uploads on my old youtube channel. I can think of two plausible reasons for this.

The first one is the quality of my performance. This quality didn’t come from neat playing or comparable aspects, but from my emotions. I had a certain experience I connected with that song and that I kept in mind while recording. As human kind is an empathetic species I guess share my experience through watching the video. Most of the time I am more concerned about the sound of the song than with my emotions. That probably comes from the fact that my acoustic perception is my dominant one. But I should consider my kinesthetic perception in the process of covering more frequently. Sounds reasonable?

The second reason is simply that I was one of the first people who uploaded a cover of that song, plus the song itself is rare… plus I myself like it, wooo!




You can find my tabs here:

Download Tabs (GP4)

Download Tabs (PDF)

Download Midi

Have fun,




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2 Responses

  1. linksawakening

    Man, you’re the only person I know wich got the right version of this song.
    Every tab and chords I checked out are all wrong. They might be right in the most, but there’s one chord they’re missing. Thanks for this.

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