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The Most Complete List of Free Sample Libraries

Published on October 4, 2012 by

Freebies Free Sample LibrariesFreebies, freebies, freebies. Before you start buying the most expensive sample libraries check out my list of free sample libraries first. I hope you find the instrument you need here.

I subdivided the list into categories of instruments: Guitar, bass, orchestral instruments, keys and piano, drum and percussion, synths, other instruments (think of world instruments, tiny instruments, weird instruments and everything else), sample player and instrument collections (on some websites there are just too many sample instruments to categorize them).

Also consider:

  • “®” stands for registration required
  • “@” stands for email address required
  • “κ” stands for instrument compatible with Kontakt player

Feel free to add missing instruments or report broken links in the comment section below!!

Free Guitar Samples

Pettinhouse Guitars κ Pettinhouse, the place to find your guitar samples: Acoustic guitar, warm jazz guitar, classical guitar …
Power Guitar κ Wavesfactory’s Power Guitar
Trash Guitar Power chords, palm muted power chords, single strings palm muted …
Flamestudios Great collection of guitars and bass guitars: FS Fender Telecaster, FS Seagull Steelstring, Gibson Les Paul (SFZ)

Free Bass Guitar Samples

Pettinhouse Bass  κ And more of Pettinhouse: Direct Bass
Flamestudios Great collection of guitars and bass guitars: FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar and FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar (SFZ)

Free Orchestral Samples

Tuba  κ Pretty awesome sounding tuba samples. A present from the Philharmonia Orchestra.
Philharmonia Orchestra Sample Library The Philharmonia Orchestra offers a wide ranged sample library for free! Almost an entire orchestra!!! Only restriction: They give them away as loose samples. You have to create the instrument for Kontakt or other samplers yourself.
Cello for Kontakt  κ Pocketblakus solo cello for Kontakt
Sonita Symphony Complete SoundFont orchestra 440MB of size
Linux Sampler Project piano, violin, cello and at the very end the open orchestra
BedroomProducer κ Collection of free Kontakt instruments: Cinema Strings, Warm Pentode Brass and other non orchestral instruments
Intimate Strings Lite ®κ Nice sounding string instrument with several expressions


Free Keys and Piano Samples

Soni Musicae κ Soni Musicae specialized on harpsichords, organ and piano samples. Check out their freebies.
Armore Grand Piano κ Great sounding piano for ballads and more
Precisionsound κ Precisionsound is awesome! It offers organs, toy pianos and more toy pianos
Rock-Si-Chord κ From Soniccouture
Magnus Chord Organ κ A 1970’s reed organ
Tape Loop Organ κ Sounds interesting. Check out the description for more information
KVR Audio Piano One – the VST piano
Retrosampling κ Some electric pianos and other piano instruments free to download on retrosampling.se
Supertone Babypiano VST for Windows with samples of a baby piano (toy piano)
UVI Analogic Piano 09 (electric piano)
Hugo Kant κ Another Toy Piano

Free Drum and Percussion Samples

Free Drum Kits Absolutely awesome site!!!!!
Mildon Studio Marching Army For Windows XP, Vista and 7. Also check out their free Bongos
Waves Alchemy Drum Tools Teaser ® Drum sample packs for electronic productions
Free Sidsonic Libraries κ X-mas special. 1 GB full of surprises.
Pettinhouse Drums κ And even more from Pettinhouse: Several Vynil Electronic Drumkits
Obscure analogue drumbox 26 WAV loops
Meditation Bells One last time Precisionsound gift
Wavealchemy ®κ Wavealchemy gives away several different sample banks like: Club Kicks, FX’s, 606 Drums, 808 Tape, Wired Electronics
Tongue Drum κ Asian idiophone that sounds like TH’s Whale Drum.
Drum Sample Library If someone is patient enough to download all these samples. You are welcome
Acoustic Drumkit κ NSA Custom Series Drumkit by Dean aka “Nekro”
Perculiar Percussion Wooden Door, Wooden Railing, Metal Lid, Trowel … like their samples like their name: Sample Oddity
MASSIVE Drumcomputer Library 282 Drum Sets / 24.331 WAV Samples / 2.87 GB
Worlds Percussion ® Check out this site! Plenty of free stuff (not only drums)
Jackie FX Bank 81 free fx sounds
Big Mono κ Free acoustic drumkit
Bits and Beats ® Kero’s Bits and Beats
Jackie FX Bank 81 free fx sounds
Big Mono κ Free acoustic drumkit
Total Composure ®κ African Slit Drum
XLN Audio ® Addictive Drums demo version
3amnoise 6 Drum Kits and FX hits
Audiowarrier κ Djembe for Kontakt

Free Synths and FX Samples

Hollow Sun Kontakt Samples κ Check out those free sample libraries. Hollow Sun is giving away 11 different treasures from PolyMoog Strings to the Novachord
Electronic Loops/Samples/FX’s ® Hip-hop, Dubstep, RnB; Soundsondemand.com
Modularsamples κ Pretty interesting page with allot of free stuff
Protone Elements κ Dirty 808, Analog LoFi Bass, Virus Hypersaw, Synthetic Guitars, …
Nord Modular Samples ®κ Free Nord Sounds; A collection of great Clavia Nord Modular G2 multisamples from Wavescape Studio
Free Arp Odyssey For Kontakt κ Vintage analog synthesizer from 1972
Retrosampling κ Oscillator pak – sampler synth elements v1.0 (VST instrument that uses waveforms for experimental synth sounds)
BedroomProducer κ Vintage synthesizer and samplers
Fairlight CMI IIx κ Fairlight CMI IIx for Kontakt. Fairlight is the mother of all samplers
Noizefield κ GameBoy and Nintendo samples
Durk Kooistra Extreme Bass FX Samples


Other Instruments

Ocarina κ Nice sounding Ocarina with articulation keyswitches. Comes with versions for Halion, Kontakt, Esx24 and Soundfond8
Bolder Sounds ®κ Unbelievable! They give away 23 Instruments for free: Bavarian Zither, Buffalo Accordion, Electric Sitar, Harmonica, Mini Sax, Thumb Piano and many others. Check it out!
Sonivox κ Free soundfont samples from flutes to synths a colorful collection
Tonehammer Bees κ Tonehammer is no more but these bees seem to be still online (direct download)
Votox κ 4 selected demo instruments
Music Maker κ I love toy instruments
Kong Audio Get the china feel!
Cinematica κ Check out these massive sample library containing several instruments like Xylophone, Metallophone, Electric Guitar, Piano, Organ, Bass, Steel Drum
Digitalsoundfactory ®κ Don’t know exactly what you can get here but it sounds promising
Tekit-Audio κ Soprano recorder! Everyone needs a recorder in his instrument library!
Solo Guitaret κ Nine Volt Audios Guitaret. Strange instrument but pretty interesting as well
Embertone ®κ Four free instruments: Atmoraffe, Kitchen Sounds, Jug Drum, Intimate Strings
Brendanjhogan κ Some Kontakt instruments with strange names: FlyinaBottle, CardboardTube, WarpedKalimba
Rekkerd κ 9 World Instruments for Kontakt

Free Sample Player and Instrument Collections

Kontakt 5 Player + 50 Instruments Native Instruments gives away the Kontakt 5 Player for free + 50 of their instruments
Cakewalk SFZ Player Simple and free high quality sfz player with additional effects (Windows)
Paax Paax is a powerful VST sampler. It is free but has many features and effects you also find with professional samplers
Prodyon Prodyon Soundfont Player
SampleTank ® Virtual instrument and sound workstation with several sample libraries
Alchemy Player + Instruments 1GB sample library with 200 sounds
Beat Zampler Sfz Sample Player
Free Sound Samples Huuuuge sample library! 8 GB and over 8000 samples of all kind!
SFZero Simple Soundfont Player for mac

I try to keep this list of free sample libraries up to date as best as I can. You can help me by reporting broken links and adding new instruments to it via the comments.



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13 Responses

  1. lady die

    This is intense… shizzle fo sho! Hey erny!

  2. […] The Most Complete List of Free Sample Libraries – A Kings Mercury […]

  3. this is a great list. Here’s a few more awesome secret gems often used by pros:

    G-town sampling project torrent – one of the best percusion sounds ever recorded in a church in switzerland

    Herbertos torrents for kontackt fantasya, dreamland, the ocean one

  4. Very nice list Dario, need to find out to check these intruments ;)

  5. Thanks! Great list. The giga samples here might also be worth checking: http://www.linuxsampler.org/instruments.html

    It includes a concert grand and some London Philharmonia instruments.

    • Thanks for the great reply! I will add your link to the list.

      • If you have been playing piano for that long you have the advtanage of knowing what the notes should sound like. I agree with the other answer in that they are two different instruments. You will enjoy the guitar because its a different beast and really get the fundamentals like proper fingering and just practice and you will enjoy it.

  6. Alex

    Acoustic drum, http://www.wnpsounds.com ! Hot hot hot !

  7. This is great, Dario, thanks for this one.
    I’ve just downloaded the demo of the first one, as test, and it sounds more than convincing to my ears. And I assume that for you, as professional guitar player, as well.

    May I ask… you say at some point “They give them away as loose samples. You have to create the instrument for Kontakt or other samplers yourself.”

    Which tool would you reccomend to build a library (for Kontakt or as sf2 or even a VSTi) starting from “naked” WAV’s?

    Juan Maria

  8. BlueStrat

    Thanks! Check also Drummic’a….absolutely free.
    The site is in german, i used google translator to sign up.
    One more question: is there a way to use those free libraries with Kontakt Player but not in demo mode? I don’t have full Kontakt 5, so i could just use them in demo mode for 15 minutes. Thanks

  9. There are some really good choir libraries around, there is the Papelmedia Choir and it has also a soloist, there is my own freebie for Kontakt and other samplers, the “Vowel Ensemble Choir” (morphing AEIOU) and the Hephaestus Sounds Female voice solo.




  10. Don’t forget sampleswap.org — this is a site I’ve been running since 1999 which has almost 8GB of completely free samples. Email registration required, but otherwise it’s all-you-can-eat 100% free. It’s a hand-picked, carefully organized and curated collection.

  11. Bharath

    great job compiling these

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