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Karmaflow: A Rock Opera Video Game

Published on June 20, 2013 by

A fellow student of mine is currently working on a really cool project. It is called Karmaflow and will be a rock opera video game when it is finished. How awesome is that? Have a look at their introduction video:

Karmaflow is a third person puzzle adventure with interactive rock opera music. As the music plays a fundamental role in this game, composer and creative director Ivo van Dijk will not only work with well-established metal singers but also record the famous dutch metropole orchestra for the soundtrack. Being mainly run by students Karmaflow needs some support in form of money to make the karma flow. But don’t worry! Your kindness will not be unrewarded. If you give ten Euro you will not only become a Karma Apprentice but also get a downloadable version of the game and the soundtrack when the project is finished! Again … how cool is that?

Still not total convinced? More information? Visit their well-design Indiegogo crowdfunding page and check out their story, models, perks and get to know the team.

Karmaflow rock opera video game

In my opinion, crowdfunding is a great way to fund smaller (and bigger) projects. You know where your money goes and it allows creative people to finance themselves without being to commercial. This and listening to Ivo’s stories about the game made me write this overly affirmative article. Besides that, it will be just a good game with good music. /project/Karmaflow



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