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Harmony Library

Hey and welcome to my brand new harmony library!

Ever since I started studying composition I wished I had some kind library containing all harmonies I came across over the years. Think about it:

Wouldn’t it be great if you had theory, explanation and examples of many types of harmonies illustrated in an easy to work with and simple manner? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a place of inspiration where you could find lots of ideas and examples that could help you further in your composition process?

For me, at least it is absolutely true. With the harmony library series I like to create such a place for me and hopefully for a couple of other creative heads out there. Feel yourself welcome to wander around, get inspired, learn, agree or disagree and share your own experiences.


At the very moment, as I am writing this sentence the harmony library is just a mere idea of mine. I have written one or two articles for this series but I find it hard to work on this project as it appears to be so big and intimidating. With this introduction I like to make a commitment to you and me to finish the harmony library as far as it seems to be necessary at times. In that way I hope I stay motivated and keep on working.

The Harmony Library

The harmony library consists of an accumulation of articles in form of pages that each contain theory, explanation, illustrations and examples of one harmonic idea. You can reach these pages through clicking on one of the links below or through the drop-down menu above: Courses → Harmony Library → “Harmonic Idea”



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