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Home Books Review: Pocket Beatles For Guitar

Review: Pocket Beatles For Guitar

Pocket Beatles for GuitarTitle:[amazon_link id=”0895241269″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Pocket Beatles for Guitar[/amazon_link]

Subtitle: Over 120 great songs with melody, chords and full lyrics. Arranged for easy to intermediate guitar.

Author: Milton Okun

Publisher: ATV Music Publications

ASIN: 0895241269

Pages: 256

Songs: #>120

Content:  The ‘Pocket Beatles for Guitar‘ contains over 120 great Beatles song. All all-time super hits are covered like All My Loving, Eight Days A Week, A Hard Day’s Night,  Help!, Imagine, Lady Madonna, Let It Be and many more. All songs come with full lyrics, guitar chords and written out melody.


Target Audience: Ideal for The Beatles fans that want to sing along with their favorite songs, singers and guitar players and of course songwriter who would love to learn more about the secrets of super hits of The Beatles through playing them.

My Opinion: This small book came to me without any action from my side. My former neighbour gave it to me because she had no use for it anymore. My version is probably quite old and that is the reason for its outer appearance.

When I was around sixteen or seventeen I accidentally stumbled upon a Beatles CD of my parents. Since then I am a great fan and lover of The Beatles songs and music.

Every once in a while I pick up this book and play a few of my favorite songs like Imagine or Yellow Submarine. I think that is exactly what this book is good for.

Unfortunately, the letter size is to small and it is pretty difficult to keep the book open because of its size. For that matter the ‘Pocket Beatles’ is not ideal for singing in a group, in poor lighting conditions or in places without a table or a music stand.

Nonetheless, all songs are transcribed correctly and the main essence of the song is caught on paper quite nicely.

Conclusion: Even though the [amazon_link id=”0895241269″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]’Pocket Beatles for Guitar'[/amazon_link] is a pretty portable book it requires good practice conditions to read the small font size and tame the stiffness of the paperback. Still, it is a very valuable and nicely transcribed collection of the 120 greatest Beatles songs for passionate guitar players and singer who love The Beatles. In my eyes a must have for every guitar playing Beatles fan.


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