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Home Books Review: Pozzoli – Corso Facile Di Solfeggio

Review: Pozzoli – Corso Facile Di Solfeggio

Title: [amazon_link id=”B00385VGCK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Pozzoli[/amazon_link]Pozzoli Sight Reading  and Solfège

Subtitle: Corso Facile Di Solfeggio Vol 1.

Author: Ettore Pozzoli

Publisher: Ricordi


Price: 14$

Pages: 89

Language: Italian!!

Content: 89 pages full of one sight-reading exercise after another. The exercises cover the whole human vocal range from soprano to bass on G and F-clefs. The book practises all intervals from minor seconds to octaves and rhythmically from eighth notes to whole notes in different metres. The exercises start out in C Major but go to G, D, A, F, Bb and Eb major and their corresponding minor equivalents later. Also, chromatic is touched slightly.


Target Audience: The ‘Corso Facile Di Solfeggio’ is for singers (soprano, alt, tenor and bass) that are serious about learning sight-reading. Beside that, learning to read notes in singing is also a great method to teach your ear (which was one of my major motivations to buy this book)!

My Opinion:  When I was preparing for the audition of my music school I asked my teacher and mentor how to learn solfège or sight-reading and he recommended this book. Dedicated to learn, I bought a paperback version of ‘Corso Facile Di Solfeggio’ which is italian for simple solfège course.

I was a bit shocked when opened it the first time. Only notes and italian instructions. How, what?

I found out quickly that I don’t have to worry about the italian language though. It is all about the notes anyway and that’s what it should be about when it comes to learning sight-reading. If you feel stuck in the beginning have a look at my DO RE MI FA course and learn the fundamentals for reading music notes in singing.

By the way, check out this perspective. Italy is the mother of bel canto, opera and many many great singers throughout the history. Who else should know how to teach sight-reading?

Nonetheless, I have to admit that I lost my motivation to study with this book quite a few times but picked it up again and again as well. Pozzoli helped me to get a good grip on how to connecting the syllables do re mi fa sol la ti do to notes on paper in real-time. It also sharpened my ear and helped me loosing my fear of reading notes in singing.

My skills in reading music notes in singing get better slowly but steadily now, as I am singing in a choir every Tuesday. ‘Corso Facile Di Solfeggio’ was definitely a part of the foundation needed to make this progress possible.

At last, I give you the advice to use this study guide in combination with singing lessons. It will keep up your motivation.

And … don’t forget to study with a metronome!

Conclusion: [amazon_link id=”B00385VGCK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]’Corso Facile Di Solfeggio'[/amazon_link]  is a dry but structured study book that provides a great number of simple sight-reading exercises in form short exercises. Don’t expect to get something for free here. A strong dedication is needed to really learn sight-reading. It is not easy but this course will definitely bring you on the right path of mastering solfeggio.


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