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Home Books Review: Handbook of Music and Emotion

Review: Handbook of Music and Emotion

Title: [amazon_link id=”0199604967″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Handbook of Music and Emotion[/amazon_link][amazon_link id=”0199604967″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Applications[/amazon_link]

Subtitle: Theory, Research, Applications

Edited by: Patrik N. Juslin, John A. Sloboda

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA;

First Published in: 2010

ISBN-10: 0199604967

ISBN-13: 978-0199604968

Price: 60$

Pages: 992

Content: The ‘Handbook of Music and Emotion; Theory, Research, Applications’ is a 975 pages strong book firstly published in 2010 by the Oxford University Press. It is a collection of thirty-three chapters about the relationship of music and emotion in many contexts edited by Patrik N. Juslin and John A. Sloboda. Each chapter contains what is known, researches and ways of measurements, their findings, applications of this knowledge and a prospect to future research.

Target AudienceMusic and Emotion is a book for everyone that likes to study our current understanding of the effect of music on our emotions in order to use it or to find a point for further research.


My Opinion: I have read parts of this book for an assignment within the context of my study ‘Composition and Music Technology’. The assignment was to encapsulate 100 pages of a book of our choice and this book attracted my attention long ago, so I chose it. My expectation was to learn more about the effect of music on our music and how I can use that knowledge within film-score composition and composition for commercials. That is the reason I chose three chapters to encapsulate:

The links of above will bring you to the three articles I based on these articles and published on this blog. If you want to to read my complete encapsulation of these chapters you can download this PDF file.

The Handbook of Music and Emotion is not a book that you can read through like nothing. It has a high information density and is more like a reference book for people that want to study music and emotion in depth. All findings within this book are based on studies which are referenced with utmost precision.

I really liked the strictly logic and scientific way of writing within this work. It is a nice contrast of the otherwise vague nature of emotions within music and composition.

As Music and Emotion encapsulates theory, research and application provided by a vast many researches that conducted countless studies it covers a vast amount of topics within the field of music and emotion. Make prove read the content on [amazon_link id=”0199604967″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] to get a better grasp of what is contains.

If you are a musicologist, philosopher, psychologist, music educater, composer, sociologist, advertiser or simple interested in musical emotions make sure to get read The Handbook of Music and Emotion. It will broaden your horizone and sometimes make you smile.


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