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A King’s Mercury - blogging about music and life

The purpose of this Blog is to help you increase your understanding of music. Why would yo want to do that?

As long as mankind exists as we know it some form of music existed, too. It has always been a part of us. Music is the strongest medium to express emotions I can imagine. It can have a strong impact on a single person or a group of people.  Music connects and unifies, makes us laugh and cry. And besides all that, it is just nice way to spend your time.

If you understand what music means to us then you can learn a hell of a lot about your life.

The best way to understand music is to make and study it. This is where this blog comes in handy. It contains tutorials, courses, tips, examples and much more all with my personal note. The material that you can find here is created by myself. If not so, it will be remarked clearly. Don’t see me as a teacher but as a colleague that loves music and wants to share his insights.

Who Is Dario Brandt?

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  1. We met on the market in Hilversum. I was the painter and writer. It was a pleasue to speak with you.

    I enjoy your site. Thanks

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